Welcome to the #ContentFreedomChallenge!

I'm so excited you'll be joining in!

As a reminder, you'll get two emails a week for five weeks when the challenge begins (the final round began on November 23, 2015). One will contain the in-depth challenge along with worksheets that will help you focus on what feels right for you, and one will contain support and encouragement. You'll be doing the work on your own, but you're not in this alone!

My mission for this challenge is to help you truly hear yourself, trust yourself, and share what you know.

I see my role as one of guide, not teacher—I’m helping you dig into what’s inside of you, and then offering some suggestions for ways you could use what you find.

So as you do this work, keep that in mind. I’m guiding you, not giving you the answers.

Because you already have so many answers inside of you. You just need to listen.

But before we jump into the work (date to be announced soon), I want to talk about something I think is super important: your mindset.

If you’re in an accepting, excited frame of mind, you’re going to get a lot more out of this than if you come in feeling strapped for time or resistant to doing this at all.

So let’s talk about a few things you can do to get into the right mindset before you begin the work.


Get in the right mindset for the #ContentFreedomChallenge!

Be kind to yourself.

We all know, deep down inside, what we struggle with, whether it’s lack of focus, stubbornness, dis­belief in ourselves, or some other thing that feels equally icky.

So instead of berating yourself for those things, come up with a simple reminder (a mantra if you don’t mind the woo-woo term) for those inevi­table moments of struggle. So for example, I tend to get overwhelmed when I see how big a task is, im­mediately getting anxious about later steps. I want to do lots of research and map out everything I can instead of just get started and trusting the process. So my reminder might be: “One step at a time. You will get there. This is happening the way it should,” or even just: “Trust the process.”

Once you settle on your reminder / mantra, put it where you’ll see it—tape it beside your desk, set up calendar reminders, or whatever you know works for you. Just keep it handy.

While you'll get all the information and worksheets in the first email each week, you don’t have to do everything at once.

Do this work at your own pace. Some work­sheets or concepts you’ll fly through—either because you were ready for a change or because they come easily to you. Others you’ll struggle with—maybe there’s an area you have resistance around or an idea you’re just not comfortable with yet. That’s ok.

Do as much as you need to get to the next step, knowing you can do the rest when you’re ready.

Progress is attainable; perfection is not.

Give yourself a break.

Set aside resistance.

It can be hard to really take the time to dig deep (which I'm going to ask you to do) when you have a million other things to do.

It's much easier to look at something and think, Oh, I don't need to write this down or Oh, that doesn't apply to me.

But the thing is, there's real value in setting aside time to really listen to yourself. To figure out what does work and what doesn't work. So even though it may feel hard at times, push through that resistance. I think you'll find it's worth it.

Think about where you are now.

You'll get even more out of this challenge if you write down some thoughts about where you are now, and then see how different things feel when you're done!

Plus, you'll start the challenge with some clarity about where you are and what you'd like to change. I've made a one-page check-in worksheet for you, which I hope you'll download and fill in before we begin!

Get excited!

Do a little happy dance. Put on some music. What­ever works! You’re doing something amazing for yourself—and for your future self. This is a big deal, so don’t forget to celebrate!

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Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I would love to hear from you!