I want to share something really powerful with you.

Something that can help you clarify your ideas,
reveal patterns you weren’t consciously aware of,
center yourself in the present moment...and more.


I'm talking about intentional writing.

Now stay with me here for a minute—I know we all write a tremendous amount these days. You know what I mean—emails, Instagram posts, newsletters, client-facing items, grocery lists, and so on!

But all those things are for other people.

It’s not often that we stop and write for ourselves, but that's where the real power lies.

I'm talking about sitting down with just a pen and paper (or, you know, a screen and a keyboard) and letting it all out. No editing, no holding back. Just letting it out and then sorting through it to make sense of all that's been jingling around in your brain.

I want to help you invite the power of intentional writing into your business and life.



Explore: 31 Days of Intentional Writing
is designed to help you commit to intentional writing.

Want to hear more?



You can try intentional writing for free in your everyday life...

I've created a free guide called Explore Day to Day to help you dip your toe in the waters of intentional writing!

Inside, you'll find:

  • A simple (truly simple) writing process
  • Seven prompts you can use based on situations we all face often (like feeling comparison, trying to come up with content ideas, and struggling to focus)
  • A simple process to follow when you're done writing to make sure you make the most of your writing time
  • Three worksheets I use regularly to capture notes, ideas, and action steps

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P.S. Still considering? I've written about the three biggest things I think you can get from Explore: space, ease, and wisdom.

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