It's time to move from knowing to doing. Let's do it together.





As creatives, we’ve been gathering ideas and knowledge for long enough.
Now it’s time to put them into action.



We're a lot alike, you and I.

We love digging deep, dreaming big, asking questions, and gathering information. This knowing work is where we’re comfortable. But when it comes time to act,'s just not that easy. We'd rather keep researching and thinking for a little longer, thanks.

So why do we struggle to take action?

Maybe it's because...

  • We've had too many false starts
  • We're not sure where to begin
  • We're worried we're on the wrong path.


But whatever the reason, all this inaction is getting us nowhere. So let's decide, together, to make a change.

Let's find a way to get all our knowledge, dreams, ideas, and big visions out of our heads and into our lives.


Are you ready to make a change?
Begin with where you are. Use what you have. I can help.



A big part of the struggle is feeling scattered.

You have all these thoughts and ideas, but they're all over the place--in notebooks, on scraps of paper, in your head. Let's get them out of there.

In this free guide, _______, you will:

  • Corral all those thoughts and ideas
  • Identify what you'd need to take action
  • Decide what to focus on first
  • Learn how I can help you move forward!


Instead of barreling forward, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, try pausing to make sense of it all. Your future self will thank you.