Join me on a mission to move from from knowing to doing.
It’s time. We’re ready. Let’s do it together.





We have a clear vision for the life we want,
and we know how we want to be working.

Our dreams are not unrealistic...
but we're struggling to bring them to life.



We want to do things like...

  • Read (or meditate or work out or do some intentional writing) before checking our phones in the morning
  • Set aside time to implement the ideas we read in books and hear on podcasts and read in emails
  • Trust ourselves more, think before we speak, be more patient, feel less comparison, and make other important mindset changes
  • Spend time working on creative projects
  • Move our bodies, eat well, get enough sleep, and drink water
  • Focus on the behind-the-scenes work in our businesses that will make a big difference, like mapping out content plans and creating systems

So why aren't we doing those things already?

Because it's hard to make that kind of change a priority.

There are so many other things that must get done--clients to serve, children to feed, emails to send--that we lose sight of what's not urgent.

But I believe these are the kinds of changes that will serve us long-term, and make for a joyful, meaningful life.

So let's commit, right here and now, to the reality we want. Let's get all those dreams and visions out of our heads and into our lives.



True growth and change happen slowly, over time.
There's no rush. Begin where you are. What do you need right now?



If you want to focus on one change at a time (and get free accountability)...

...try Stronger Month by Month.

Choose a monthly intention to focus on and then check in each Monday on my Instagram post! I'll be there to cheer you on.

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If you crave space in your mind and access to your inner wisdom...

...try Explore.

Create a behind-the-scenes writing practice that can help you gain clarity, sort through your ideas, and more.

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If you're tired of getting waylaid by roadblocks every time you start...

...try Stay Unstuck.

Prepare for the times you'll inevitably get stuck, and learn to more quickly realize when you're stuck (so you can take action faster).

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And if you want to take this journey with me step by step,
I'd love to have you join me.



We're in this together. And I'm always sharing where I am, where I'm going, where I'm stuck, and how I get moving again.

You can catch up on past ideas, advice, and encouragement on the blog and Instagram right here.

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  • Explore Day to Day, a guide to using intentional writing in your everyday life
  • Review, Refresh, and Recommit, a guide for when you start drifting away from your planned path

I'd love to have you join me!