Getting stuck is an inevitable part of creative work and life.
But staying stuck doesn't have to be.

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We all get stuck. It's natural.

You get so far into writing a book proposal, and then you freeze. What comes next?

You have two really cool opportunities, both happening on the exact same day. Which do you choose?

You've spent hours on new design concepts for a passion project you're really excited about, and it's time to make some decisions. Which concept is the best fit?

You're really into your novel now, the writing is coming so naturally, and then...writer's block. Where is the story going?


It's what comes next that matters. A lot.

Do you give up on the book proposal...or take a break (and a walk), come back with a fresh perspective, and keep going?

Do you look at the pros and cons of each opportunity and choose the best fit, or are you so crushed by indecision you miss both of them?

Do you crumble under the weight of indecision...or do you revisit your notes about why you started this project to help you choose the best path?

Do you do some creative exercises to think about your novel in a new way and then return to writing...or do you slowly drift away from your novel never to return?



I think we'd all like to say we "take the high road" or make the "right" decision when we get stuck.

That's because it's pretty easy to see what the "right" thing is when you're not in the situation. That's why we can give such good advice to others when they're stuck.

But when you're actually stuck, good and truly stuck, it can be really hard to see a way out.

Suddenly, all that good advice flies right out of your head, and without even realizing it, you're compromising your creative dreams and projects because you're not sure how to move forward. This happens over and over again.

And of course, that assumes you recognize you're stuck...which isn't always the case.

There are plenty of times when we avoid things or walk away from projects, claiming they're "just not right any longer," when what's really happening is that we don't know how to get unstuck.

Am I giving you hives here?

Don't stress...because while I'm pointing out a painful problem (that I also face over and over), I'm also presenting a solution.

It's called Stay Unstuck: A Guide to Awareness and Action.

Because I don't just want you to get there (unstuck, that is)...I want you to stay there.


Stay Unstuck: A Guide to Awareness and Action will help you:

Build a well of tactics that you can turn to any time you feel stuck...

When you're stuck, it's often hard to think about anything but your problem.

This guide will help you do the work ahead of time, so that when you're in the weeds, you have a list of tactics to try!

When working through this guide, you will:

  • Get inspired by a list of ___ tactics I've found helpful while working on specific problems or when feeling a general disinterest or detachment from some area of work or life
  • Identify tactics from your own life and work that could help you again in the future
  • Pull all those tactics into one list that you can access easily and turn to again and again when you feel stuck

Wrap-up sentence here


When you're done, you'll have a list of strategies you can use any time you get stuck, to help you get moving more quickly!

  • Getting unstuck when working on a specific project or problem
  • Figuring out where you're stuck when you feel a general overwhelm or struggle
  • Adding tactics that have worked for you into the mix

...and then heighten your awareness around being stuck, so you turn to these tactics more often.

It's one thing to make a list of tactics, but another thing entirely to use it.

This guide will help you more quickly and easily identify when you're stuck--so you can deal with it and get moving again!

We'll work through a four-step awareness process:

  • Reflect on past experiences and look for clues
  • Review your current projects and apply the tactics
  • Recognize more quickly when you're stuck
  • Remind yourself to pay attention and use the tactics

Wrap-up sentence here

  • Pay attention to what being stuck feels like (so you can recognize it in the future)
  • Identifying stuck triggers that you can look for as you dive into new projects
  • Turn more quickly and easily to your list of tactics


In short, you'll learn how to recognize when you're stuck and deal with it...
so you can tackle your dreams and projects with greater ease!

Are you ready to ____? (momentum etc.)

When you commit to Stay Unstuck, you'll get:

  • A ___-page guide designed to help you ___
  • Guiding worksheets (___ of them to be exact) that will help you carry out the ideas in the guide
  • A detailed list of ___ tactics you can use right now to get unstuck on any creative projects or decisions
  • Another list of ___ tactics that can help you when you feel a general ____ (dis-ease)
  • A four-part process to help you raise awareness around when you're stuck
  • ______ (confidence etc.)


Start getting unstuck right now for $49!


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Is this right for you?