My story

My relationship with words started early.

I actually recall the moment when those squiggles on the page morphed into words that made sense (in a book about an elephant on roller skates, no less), and I won my elementary school's spelling bee when I was in the fourth grade (but was foiled by the word "goulash" in the regional bee. Crushing!). I spent hours upon hours lying on my bed (or the sofa or the grass or any surface) devouring books, and at school, I drew great artwork of myself as an Author (complete with crumpled-up pieces of paper glued around a drawn-on wastebasket).

After getting an English major in college, though, I had no idea where to go next. I worked in two wonderful (but completely unrelated) jobs, but I felt a bit lost, and kept feeling the tug of words. So I became a copy editor, studying at night and volunteering my services to gain experience, and finally launched my business when I moved to Birmingham, Alabama, with the love of my life.

And being a copy editor was wonderful. I worked with some kind, creative clients and found that I loved running a business (something that came as a bit of a surprise). For many years, I was the copy editor for Pure Green Magazine (have you read it? The magazine, and its founder Celine, are beyond incredible), and I was also the copy editor for Kinfolk (yes, that Kinfolk) for seven beautiful issues. I was with both teams as they were starting or in the early stages, and looking back as I write this, I think that was defining for me.

See, I like being part of the creation process as much as I like polishing a final product, and as I worked with my wonderful clients, I kept wanting to back things up and help them before they ever put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard as the case may be). So I stopped taking as many copy editing clients and threw myself into figuring out how I could help people from the beginning, and content coaching was born out of that hard (but totally-worth-it) work.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, no one has asked me how to spell "goulash" recently, but trust me, I'm ready.

Let's connect

I absolutely love connecting with like-minded folks and sharing snippets of my life and work on Instagram, and sharing resources I've come across that might be helpful on Pinterest. Come by and say hi!

My furry family

So of course, my kitty coworkers took one look at this page and demanded (with justified outrage) to know where their photos were. They do make the workday more fun (and way more interesting), so I'm happy to introduce them to you. I'm holding Oliver, the tuxedo kitty is Zippy, and the calico is Lucy.

I'm pretty sure you know who runs this family (I'll give you a hint: it's not me!)

All photos on this page by Emma of W&E Photographie