I help creatives find and cultivate
meaningful connection
to create stronger content, a stronger business,
and a stronger self.



I'm here to help you find and cultivate connection:

...with yourself.

A strong business needs a strong foundation. And in your business, that strong foundation is you. The more you're able to able to listen to and trust yourself, the more easily you can share what you have to offer the world.

...among your ideas.

Everything you do is connected, and there are threads running through every idea you have. If you're paying attention, you can harness the power of those connections to build stronger content and a stronger business.

...and with the people you're meant to help.

When you connect with yourself and your ideas, you can more easily share your vision for how life could be different, could be better, with those who need your help.




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Connection starts with two things: attention and intention. They work together to help you create greater meaning in your business and life.

Paying attention—to yourself, your thoughts, your ideas, the world around you—makes it easier to act with intention. And acting with intention—acting with thought and care rather than simply reacting to what's going on around you—naturally means you're paying attention.

And so the cycle continues, forming the foundation of meaningful connection (with yourself, among your ideas, and with the people you know you're meant to help).

I've created some free worksheets to help you get into (and maintain) that cycle of connection! These are designed to help you pay attention to your thoughts and ideas, be more intentional with your actions, and ultimately create more connection with yourself, among your ideas, and with the people you know you're meant to help.

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Writing. So many of us avoid it because it makes us feel guilty (for not doing it more often), less-than (because we compare ourselves to others), or pressure (because we think we need to write-and-share-right-now-omg!).

But writing can be so valuable when it's done behind the scenes. It's a way to process and gain clarity about your ideas, connect with yourself, find insight into your life or business or other concepts you want to explore, and in general, become stronger at the kind of writing you do want to share.

This 31-day experience is purposefully open-ended. You'll get a welcome packet that helps you set an intention that's meaningful for you and learn how to make the most of this experience, 31 days of writing prompts via email, and a wrap-up guide that will help you actually use what you learned, whether that's momentum, writing, clarity, or something else entirely!




For years, I've offered ways to work with me one-on-one. But since a baby joined our family at the end of March, 2016 (you can meet him on Instagram!), things have shifted a bit.

I'm not sure what the future holds for one-on-one work, but for now, it's on pause. If you've been interested in working with me, I'd still love to hear from you; if nothing else, I can hopefully give you a few thoughts to help you gain more clarity and try to help you find someone else who's a great fit. You can reach out right here!