I help conscious creatives make space
for the important (but too often overlooked) things
that can make allllll the difference in your work and life.

I’m here to help you say what you’ve been trying to say (so you can do what you’ve been trying to do) through content writing, editing, and collaboration.

And I’m here to help you create strong foundations for content, business, and life through in-depth, supportive resources you can use on your own or with fellow creatives.


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But please know this: I’m not here to help you do more (unless that’s something you need).

I’m here to help you make meaning out of (what often feels) like chaos…
and to discover and move forward with what works for YOU.

Core Message & Content Collaborations

Maybe you'd like help getting your ideas and wisdom out of your head...and into the world.

I'm good at seeing patterns and connections in other people's chaos, and helping polish what feels like a bunch of disconnected ideas into exactly what you've been struggling to say all along.

The ideas are already in you. They're just waiting to be shaped into something of meaning you can't wait to share!

Head this way to learn more about Core Message Collaboration >>
Head this way to learn more about Content Collaboration. >>

Resources for Strong Practices & Tools

Or maybe you'd like help creating strong practices that anchor the life and work you truly want.

We don't always make time for the things we know will make a difference (things like writing, preparing for being stuck, and more). We often wait until we need them most, which is the worst time.

Putting strong practices into place before you need them can make you stronger now, and help you be prepared for when you need them most.

Learn more about the strong practices I want to help you (and me!) develop and maintain right this way. >>

Hey! I'm Erica.


(And that's Nathan. He's two now. I don't really wanna talk about it.)

I’m constantly reading, thinking about, and exploring…well, a lot of things:

  • How to live our lives in a way that feels good to us

  • How to say and do the things we truly want

  • How to learn about and trust ourselves

  • How to show up and pay attention

  • How to make space for what’s most important to us

  • ...and more!

I’d love for you to join me. Head this way to find out how!