Our knowledge and ideas can’t help anyone (including us) if they’re stuck in our heads.


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I know this for sure: There are very real, meaningful connections inherent among all your ideas.

And I’m here to help you find them.

I’m here to help you do the hard (but oh so important) work of diving deep into all your thoughts and ideas and knowledge and wisdom and dreams…

…and then coming back to the surface with clarity and confidence, and a sense of renewed purpose and direction, and a deeper sense of intimacy with yourself and your work.

Because when we show up from this place of depth and clarity and intimacy, we show up in a way that makes a real difference in our lives and the lives of others around us.

I want that for you. And I want that for the world.


You can work with me in two ways:
Core Message Coaching and Content Collaboration.

How I got here

I started out as a copy editor, working on some really fun projects (like Kinfolk magazine—yes, that Kinfolk). But as I did that work, I kept feeling that I wanted to go deeper.

I wanted to be there earlier in the process, to help shape what I was editing before it was even written, to help the person behind the words more deeply understand themselves and their message before they put anything on paper.

This has taken many forms, and I am sure many more are to come. But one thing has remained the same: Inherent in me is a desire to get down to the core, to deeply know and understand myself and my work, and to help others do the same. Here’s how I do that work.

In Core Message Coaching, we dive deep into the thoughts and ideas floating around in your head that feel disconnected and overwhelming, and I’ll show you the inherent patterns and connections that have been there all along.

And in Content Collaboration, we work together to get your big ideas out there into the hands of those who need them most, with each of us bringing our talents and skills to your project (mine include planning, organizing, writing, editing, and more).

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A little more about me

I’m originally from Virginia, but these days I live in Birmingham, AL. I have an almost-three-year-old, Nathan, who keeps me on my toes (and three silly kitties who do the same). It’s true what they say: children do make you see the world in a whole new way.

I’m a tea drinker (mostly decaf), I love reading fiction (please share your favorites), I walk the line between introvert and extrovert, and I’m always interested in a conversation about emotional wellness, neuropsychology, and pretty much anything you find fascinating.


A note about accessibility

I fully recognize that not everyone has access to the time, space, energy, resources, opportunities, and more to do the kind of work I’m talking about. But I believe we all deserve this access.

This will be a work in progress, but I’m committed to continued exploration of ways to both make the things I can offer as accessible as possible to those with different resources, as well as ways to contribute to a world in which we all have access to the things we need.

I’m always open to your thoughts and ideas.