We have the most to give (to ourselves and others)
when we’re happy and healthy.



I'd say we have a lot to give—time, money, energy, talents. And by offering these things, we can help positively shape the world in which we live.

It's pretty clear that the world needs whatever we can give. We can all see that.

But too often, that kind of giving can feel like one more thing we have to do.

Too often, we feel we’re using up all we have simply making it through our everyday lives. That doesn’t make us feel happy or healthy. And it certainly doesn’t help us give back in ways that feel meaningful.

So I’m proposing we make a change.

Let’s be intentional about how we live our everyday lives so we have space for our most meaningful contributions. Let’s be intentional about being our happiest, healthiest selves so we can give freely. 

Let’s stop focusing on doing more and start focusing on doing different.

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There’s no magic answer; there never is.
But there’s real power in making a decision to change.
And that’s where the magic can begin.

guiding principles



that helps us know ourselves and own our choices

Strong systems and foundations

that bring greater ease into ordinary life

Intentional learning and consuming

that helps us remain awake and engaged

Simple steps

that help us make progress without becoming overwhelmed

Responsible choices

that contribute to a more positive world

Grounding practices

that keep us centered and intentional

Expansive thinking

that helps us see ourselves as part of (and responsible for) a bigger whole