Trust and reflection

As I shared on Instagram the other day, in a story about scrambled eggs (you can read that here if you missed it), we often discount our own wisdom, looking outside ourselves for the answers we already have.

This topic has come up for me over and over—in conversations with friends and other creatives, in my current work supporting a beautiful soul, and in my own intentional writing.

One of the places I have to be careful about discounting my own wisdom (besides, apparently, in preparing breakfast) is in my love of learning.

As someone who loves to gather information and learn new things, I have to continually come back to questions like:

  • Do I have enough information to take action without learning any more?

  • Am I using what I have already learned and what I already know to be true?

  • Does what I’m learning feel true for me and my situation?

  • Am I learning because it’s interesting or because I believe I need fixing?

While reflecting on these and other questions can be uncomfortable and unsettling, I continue to do it (while at the same time being loving and gentle with myself when I forget or give in to the pull of comfort over growth).

Because for me to show up and truly help others in a meaningful way, and to show up and help myself in a meaningful way, I have to trust myself and my inherent wisdom.

But I realized, as I was writing this, that there’s another kind of reflection that has been grounding for me. And that is hearing someone I deeply trust reflect back to me truths that I already know but either was having a hard time seeing and hearing within myself, or was forgetting in the the moment.

This isn’t about asking for someone’s opinion or advice. It’s about having someone deeply listen to me and then simply reflect back what they hear, acting as a mirror for what’s already inside of me. This helps me see the wisdom I already hold, and learn to trust my intuition even more.

But that’s my experience. Here are some reflection questions to help you dig in a bit more to what’s true for you.

  • Are there places or situations in my life where I deeply trust the wisdom I already hold?

  • Are there places or situations in my life in which I discount the wisdom I already hold?

  • What do I ask for others’ advice or opinions about?

  • What do I do when I receive others’ advice or opinions?

  • What helps me tap into my own wisdom?

  • Who in my life is a mirror for my own wisdom?

Sitting with these and other questions is a good way to open the door a bit wider to your own inner wisdom.

If you have thoughts about what I just shared, I would love to have a phone call or video chat to talk with you about them.

This isn’t about working together. One of my favorite things about sharing here is hearing your ideas and perspectives on things that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I wanted to open up a new way to do that.

So if you’d like to talk about self-trust, inherent wisdom, reflection, or something else entirely, you can sign up right here!

(Note: I’ll be out of town the next couple of weeks, so spaces will be open beginning in June. I’d truly love to talk with you.)

Until then,
With much love,

Here’s how I can act as a mirror
for you and your own inherent wisdom.

Above, I talked about how powerful it is to have someone reflect back to me truths that I already hold.

And that is exactly what I do in Core Message Coaching (this is getting a new name soon; stay tuned!).

I listen to all that’s going on inside of you, and then I mirror it back to you in a way that feels both deeply true and also full of fresh clarity and exciting realizations.

It’s an honor to act as a supportive mirror in this way.

Intentional pause and flow

Last week, I shared the core of the work I’m doing right now.

What I didn’t share is that I love learning, thinking, and talking about a lot of other things as well—things that support us as people who own businesses.

For a long time, I struggled to figure out where those things fit into the work I do. I still don’t have it all sorted out.

What I do know is that every time I share these kinds of things, great conversations are sparked. So I’m going to keep sharing them and trust that they’ll have meaning for both of us. I’m always open to your feedback about what I share!

In that spirit, here are two things I’ve created recently.

I recently spoke with Amanda Dennelly about embracing the intentional pause on the One Simple Shift podcast.

Here’s what I’m noticing. It’s easy these days, in our world of ever-present connection, to live in constant motion. To embrace the intentional pause is to be mindful about:

  • Setting aside intentional time for quiet

  • Regularly checking in and making meaningful decisions rather than living by default

  • Inviting space into the ordinary moments of our days.

Amanda and I talked about ways to do each of those things.

You can listen in on all the podcast places, or directly right here!

I also created a free guide you can use to embrace the intentional pause, which you can find right here (but I highly recommend listening to the episode as well, to get the most out of it).

And then I wrote an essay for LumenKind about the idea of flow.

LumenKind is a really cool company that creates Mindful Marks, wearable reminders of your intentions. They’ve begun sharing all kinds of resources that more deeply explore the ideas behind each of their marks, and asked me to share my thoughts on flow this month.

I talk about thinking of flow like the current in a river, and then share a practical way you can create a map for navigating the river of your own life.

You can read my LumenKind essay right here.

They’ve also created an incredible resource page for bringing flow into your life, including a special breathwork from Amy Kuretsky. (If you’ve never tried breathwork, I can’t recommend it enough, especially with Amy.)

If you check out one or both of these, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

And if there are other topics you’d like to hear from me about, please share. I absolutely love thinking about and discussing all sorts of things, so I’d love to talk about what’s on your mind. Hit reply any time. I’m here!

With lots of love,

As always,


Returning to this space

Hello. (That’s a good way to start after such a long absence, isn’t it?)

I know the advice—don’t make a big deal about having been gone.

But…my having been gone is a big deal. So I’m going to talk about it.

The last year of my life has been incredibly hard. My marriage ended. It’s not something I want to talk about publicly for many reasons, but the fact that it happened is a big part of my story, so I’m sharing that with you.

As I’m sure you know, all incredibly hard things come with a huge amount of work, including the practical (moving, etc.) as well as the emotional (growth and healing and so on).

All of these things take time, energy, and attention. So do toddlers. And client work. So I focused in on those things, and gave myself full permission to pull back from sharing here.

During that time, I did a lot of thinking about my work here with you. Life looks different now than I thought it would, which means some of the things I was working toward or focusing on have shifted.

So I want to update you on what I do, and how you can hire me. Not every email from me will be about how to hire me, but it felt odd to jump in without sharing where I am right now. So here we go!

I’ve done some deep thinking about why I do what I do. There are lots of answers. One big one?

I want to help us use our knowledge and ideas.

Let me break that down a little.

When I say knowledge and ideas, I’m talking about two different kinds.

First, the knowledge and ideas we have that can help others. This is what our businesses are built on. And these things don’t do anyone (including us) any good if they’re stuck in our heads.

And second, knowledge and ideas we take in. Things we read, listen to, learn. These also don’t do any good if they’re stuck in our heads.

So to get a little more specific:

I want to help us get knowledge and ideas out of our heads and into our lives and work, where they can make a real difference.

Ok, that sounds good. But how do we do those things?

Well, I plan to talk lots more about this, so stay tuned if you’re interested!

But I also offer two ways to work with me one-on-one if you need help getting your knowledge and ideas out there through your work.

Core Message Coaching

There are patterns and connections inherent among your ideas that can be difficult for you to identify on your own.

Why? Because you’re too close to them.

Many times, finding the clarity you crave requires outside perspective. And that’s what Core Message Coaching is all about.

The idea is simple: You share all the thoughts and ideas that are on your mind when it comes to things like:

  • Why you do the work you do

  • Who you do it for

  • What you want to share

  • How you help people

  • The impact you want to make

  • How you want to show up

  • Really, whatever is on your mind!

I listen, I ask clarifying questions, and then I organize all that you’ve shared with me into a meaningful, custom document you can come to again and again as you move forward with incredible newfound clarity about the work you do in the world—or about a specific project!

(And very soon, I’ll be introducing some ways we can work together after CMC is over, on an ongoing basis, to make sure that beautiful feeling of clarity and possibility stays with you.)

The ideas are already inside of you. Let’s bring them into the light.

You can read even more about Core Message Coaching.
And you can sign up to have a 45-minute, no-pressure discovery call with me.

Content Collaboration

Putting your knowledge and ideas into the world can take many forms—emails, social media, books, classes, podcasts, workshops, speaking engagements, videos, websites, and more.

And as is true for almost anything in this world, some parts of putting your knowledge and ideas out there feel easy…and some parts don’t.

Content Collaboration allows you to do the parts that feel fun, as well as the ones that feel important for you to do, while we find ways that I can help you with the rest.

Here are some examples:

  • Maybe you’re great at brainstorming and coming up with big ideas, and you love writing. But the part in the middle—coming up with a concrete plan and outline that will guide you as you write—feels really hard.

  • Maybe you want to share a really big idea, and you’ve taken scores of notes, but you can’t quite see a way in—your thoughts and ideas keep getting jumbled, and you fear this thing will never make its way out of your head.

  • Maybe you’ve written something, or are working on writing something, and you feel stuck. Is it long enough? Too long? Are you getting the point across? (And how exactly does one use a semicolon anyway?)

  • Maybe you’re looking back over the years of content you’ve shared on your blog and in your newsletter and you know there’s a book or class in there. But…where is it? How do you make those connections and bring it all together?

Whether one of those is true or you’re facing something else altogether, I hear you. And I can help.

More specifically, I can help with brainstorming, planning, outlining, pulling together existing materials, writing, editing…and more.

We’ll each bring our talents to the table to get your big ideas out there!

You can find a detailed list of the kinds of things I can help with, along with the types of projects I’ve worked on in the past (to get your wheels turning), right here.
And you can sign up to have a 45-minute, no-pressure discovery call with me to discuss your project (and semicolons if you wish).

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back soon.

And now I would dearly love to hear from you. What have you been up to? What would you like to hear about from me? How can I support you? You can reach out here any time.

Until next time,
With love as always,

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