Three exciting things

Today, I have three fun things to share with you.

First, I was a guest on the Being Boss podcast!

(If you’re new here and came on board because you heard the podcast, welcome! I’m so happy to have you here. I’ll resume regular posts next week.)

I’ve known Kathleen and Emily for a few years now (which is crazy to think about), and it was super fun to chat with both of them about intentional writing, content flow, brainstorming ideas, clarity walks, and so much more! I know many of you have already listened (thanks so much for reaching out), but I wanted to make sure you all knew about it. You can listen right here if you’re interested!

Also, I went to their Boss vacation in NOLA last fall, and it was such a great experience. They’re going to Miami this spring, and while I can’t be there (it’s at the end of April), I would go if I could! So if any of you are thinking about going and want to hear more about my experience, hit me up. I’d be happy to share!

Second, I’ve created a worksheet library for you!

In the past, I've made and shared some free worksheets with you, and I really like doing it. So I thought I'd collect them all in one place to make things easier. If you want access to the library, you can sign up below this post! (And you can read more about it here.)

I’ll email as I add new things to the library, and feel free to reach if you have any ideas for worksheets you’d love to see.

And third, I’m opening registration for Explore again in the next couple of weeks!

I loved this experience the first time around, and I’m making a few tweaks before I release it again. Email me if you have any questions before (or after) it goes live!

I’ll be back next week with a regular post—the beginning of February has just been a doozy over here. All is good with Meredith and the baby, but a lot has been going on and we’ve been spending lots more time dealing with personal things than normal. Everything is going to work out just fine, but I’ve been softening a bit when it comes to writing so I can make room for other things.

I hope all has been going well for you and that your February has gotten off to a wonderful start!

With much love,

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