Hiding Doesn't Help (and Actually, It Can Hurt)

Sometimes I feel great about where I am, about what I’m sharing, about how I’m helping—but sometimes I don’t. And I’m guessing the same is true for you.

The frustrating thing is that almost anything can set off the don’t feelings, from a bad night of sleep to a post that didn’t get a great response. It can be hard to pin down the triggers, but oh so easy to give in: To get in bed, pull the covers over your head, and hide. To flop on the couch, watch Netflix, and hide. To start looking for a day job (or think about quitting your side business)…and hide.

But here’s why hiding doesn't help (and can actually be pretty hurtful).

Your ideas—shaped from your special combination of wisdom, experiences, strengths, knowledge, and more—have power.

The power to help someone feel less alone.

The power to change someone’s experience.

The power to help someone find freedom.

Whether you talk about something emotionally intense (like working through past issues with grace), everyday struggles (like finding a nontoxic mascara that doesn’t smudge), making a business run smoothly (like building a meaningful online presence), or something else entirely, one thing is true:


There’s someone out there who needs to hear what you have to say.

There’s someone who’s been struggling with the thing you’ve figured out, who’s been searching for the thing you’ve already found, who’s been needing the reassurance that they can do something they find hard (even if it feels simple to you).

And they can’t find you (and find what they need) if you’re hiding.

So it’s time to get your ideas out there. Someone is waiting to hear them.

With much love,

So how do you take action?

I believe your best work comes from a combination of the right mindset (like what I talked about in this post) and real action steps

So in early December, I’ll be launching a little something to help you take action—something that combines exploration of your ideas with creation of content you can use to get those ideas out there. (And it’ll be affordable—I know sometimes you just need to take little steps rather than a giant leap.)

Or if you want a bit more one-on-one help, you can check out the Content Freedom Intensive and my Email Coaching sessions.

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