The In-Between

I’ll go ahead and admit it. I wasn’t sure what to share with you this week.

I’ve started several posts (that you’ll get to see, don’t worry!) but I am saving them for the next few weeks as I finalize and prepare to launch some website updates, my new content coaching services, the guide I’ve been talking about for a while, and some big changes to the blog (starting in September!).

So as you can see, I’m in a bit of an in-between place. My heart, my mind, and my work are all in this new place—but I haven’t shared that with you yet. (More next week!)

I’m also fighting a bit of weirdness this week as I struggle to get into work zone each morning. I feel like I’ve thrown off my rhythms a bit (I’ve been exercising at a different time than I used to, I’m starting to eat differently, and I’ve been working more in the evenings than I usually do), so I’m struggling to figure out what my body wants and, well, give it whatever that is.

So instead of sharing something I didn’t feel great about or skipping this week altogether, I thought I would just tell you where I am, imperfections and all. I’m working hard and loving what I’m creating, but I’m also slogging through some of the less-exciting parts of growth. I’m making changes in my work and personal life, but change isn’t always easy.

And now I’d love to hear where you are, imperfections and all. What are you working on (or what do you wish you were working on)? What are you learning? What are you struggling with? What are you celebrating? What are you looking forward to and excited about?

I’ll see you next week with more about the direction I’m heading in and launch dates for all I’m working on!