Letting Go and Letting In

I’m writing this a little over one week after our son was born.


That’s right—he came three weeks early. (You can read more details here!)

When I found out he was truly on his way, I got a little stressed. I wasn’t done with all my client projects, I was thisclose to releasing Explore again but hadn’t nailed down the final details, and I hadn’t finished a really fun project I had planned to release right before I left on maternity leave.

But as labor truly began and then when he arrived, the stress dropped. Other things (bigger, crazy-wonderful things) filled that space instead.

So for these past eight days, I’ve been letting go of…

…what I thought I would have done before he arrived.

…the amount of sleep I thought I needed to be a functioning human being.

…unrealistic expectations about what I can get done in a day while still spending plenty of time snuggling our new baby.

…my newsletter subscriptions (I’ll add things back in as I slowly have more space, but for now, I’m clearing the decks).

That’s a lot to let go of, but truly, it feels amazing—especially because I know that in letting go, I’m letting in in so much more.

So I want to ask you this today:

Is there something you could let go of right now—an expectation, a project you no longer feel excited about, a belief—that would ultimately let in more for you?

If so, take it. And enjoy what comes your way!

P.S. I’m planning to take at least 12 weeks of maternity leave, and I think I’ll realistically be back in action sometime around the beginning of July.

I may write to you again or I may not. I’m not going to place any expectations on myself right now. I will be checking my email in case there are true emergencies, but otherwise I will be waiting until I return to answer emails.

 I’ll miss being in this space with you, and I’m excited to come back when the time is right. Thank you for all your love and support both here and on Instagram!

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