Embrace the Middle (and Maybe Even Enjoy It!)

We’ve all heard stories of overnight transformation.

You know the story line: I struggled with this thing for so long, and then one day I said to myself, No more! Time to make a change!—and poof, life was different from then on.

But the truth is, I don’t find them all that interesting.

Now I’ve certainly had those moments (I hope you have as well!), and there’s no denying that they are beautiful. You’ve finally broken through, made a change, gotten to the place you’ve been working toward—that moment is full of relief and wonder and joy.

And I definitely love to hear that people had those moments—it makes me truly happy to see others triumph over something they’ve been wrestling with. (I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you.)

But what I find most interesting is the work that gets people there.

The things they tried, the books they read, the decisions they made. That’s where the real magic lies—and it’s where my work lies as well.

Now I could go on (and on) about the importance of sharing your middle (that's when I start finding those stories interesting!), but that's another topic for another day.

Right now, I want to help you work through the middle.

I want to help you embrace it, not avoid it.

I want to help you learn how it works and what it looks like for you, not try to rush through with your head down and your hands over your eyes.

I want to help you get to those beautiful aha moment with a bit more grace and acceptance.

So next week, I’ll be releasing something that will help you with the (sometimes seemingly endless) middle of finding clarity, sharing confidently, and making an impact for the people you truly know you can help.

I’ve had a lot of curiosity about this, so I’ll give you a little hint: If you sign up next week, I’ll be helping you embrace something that has immense power for your business. And you’ll be working on it a little bit each day throughout the entire month of January. Oh, and I’ll be doing it right alongside you!

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But don’t just wait for January to begin embracing the middle.

Take a look at your list of goals or big dreams or plans (or think about something you’re working toward). What are some small wins you’ve had along the way? What’s something you’ve learned (maybe about yourself) during the process? What has been fun and rewarding, even if you’ve struggled along the way? What experiences would you have missed out on had you been able to wave a magic wand and skip straight to the aha?

That’s where the beauty lies.

And couldn't we all use a little more beauty in our lives?

With much love,

P.S. The short version? Don't simply try to push through the time you spend striving for what you want. Enjoy it—there's beauty and magic there.

P.P.S. At this time of year, pushing through can be the name of the game. We’re all hyped up for 2016, working on plans and ideas and goals and visions and…whew. It’s fun, yes, but it can also be tiring—and we often wind up feeling scattered, unsure, and stressed.

I would love to help you slow down a bit. To find meaning, to pare down to what makes sense for you, and to feel more prepared to take deliberate action.

If that sounds good, check out email coaching. You spend a little time telling me where you feel stuck, and then I’ll spend an hour writing back with ideas, insights, suggestions—whatever feels right for where you are. All for just $99. I have a couple sessions left this year, and one of them just might have your name on it!