April Clarity and Consistency

This week's post will look a little different. Each month, I write a letter about using clarity and consistency to create content, a business, and a life with meaning. And I only send it to my newsletter subscribers. This week's letter will be a continuation of this post on finding your core message. In the email, I'll be talking about how you can share that message consistentlywithout feeling like you're a broken record. It will go out tomorrow, so if you want in, scroll down to the bottom of this post and sign up!

But I don't want to leave this blog sad and lonely this week, so I'll be sharing a little roundup of where you can see me elsewhere and some things I've been loving lately. You can dive into both of those below, and I hope I'll see you in your inbox tomorrow!


Ladies We Love feature on Coined Life
The wonderful Erin Haslag of Coin Design Studio featured me on her blog, Coined Life. She asked some great questions, and if you've been wondering about how I got to where I am today and how I spend my days, this one is for you!

Using Clarity and Consistency to Organize on Pure Green
Today wraps up a three-part series on using clarity and consistency to organize almost everything in your life. My friends over at Pure Green magazine (do you read it? It's a really good magazine that takes a non-judgmental, beauty-centric approach to green and conscious living) were kind enough to share my thoughts on their site.

In the posts, you'll learn more about why I think clarity and consistency are so important plus get step-by-step instructions (with detailed examples!) about how to use clarity and consistency to organize things like your pantry, your email inbox, and even your self-care. Here's a link to each post:

How to Get Organized
Find Clarity
Cultivate Consistency

*Note: To read these, you'll need to sign up for the Pure Green community, but it's totally free and the content their team puts out is well worth giving them your email address!


Build a Stand-Out Business on CreativeLive by Tara Gentile
Tara will also be mentioned in tomorrow's email (teaser!), and this won't be the last you'll hear from me about her. She's a fantastic teacher and is thinking about business in ways that I don't see anywhere else. She's running a twenty-five-lesson series on CreativeLive (each lesson is about an hour long) about how to build a business that stands out. She has already started, but you can jump in and see if you like her style, and then buy the entire course to catch up (the price is discounted until the live class ends!).

Must-Reads for Creatives by Julie of In Tandem
I can't remember how I ran across Julie's site, but I'm SO glad I did. She says, "I see a world where women develop the creative habits and wellbeing to see projects through," and she shares beautiful essays that help create that world. Each week, she also rounds up some must-read articles from across the web, and I look forward to them every single week.

Being Boss podcast
I'm guessing you've heard of this one, but if you haven't, you're in for a treat! Kathleen of Braid Creative and Emily of Indie Shopography (both friends and women I've worked with and highly respect and admire) have created a super-fun, honest, kick-in-the-pants podcast about all things business. I've loved every episode and I'm pretty sure you will as well!

Invisible Office Hours podcast
I'm somehow new to this gem of a podcast, but it hasn't taken me long to catch up. I love how Paul and Jason are totally open about whatever topic they discuss, and the dynamic between them is great. They're both funny in totally different ways, and I love listening to anything they have to say.

Classical music
Random? Perhaps. But lately, I can't get enough of classical music while I'm working. I grew up in a house that always had NPR or the classical station on (I'm sure that tells you a lot about me!), and I'm so happy to have rekindled my love for it. I'm listening to it as I write this, and probably while you read it as well! (Unless it's the middle of the night. Then I'm sleepingyou can count on it!)

Note: None of these are affiliate links, and no one asked me to share. These are all just things that have been making a difference in my life lately!

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