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In March 2016, we welcomed a baby into our lives and things haven't been the same since (in the very best way possible).

I've scaled back on how much time I spend working, so responses may take a week or so. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, of course, but want to make sure I set a realistic expectation.

I really look forward to hearing from you, whether you're interested in working together, have questions, or just want to say hi.

A note on client work: Since our baby was born, I've taken a big step back from client work. I still do a little here and there, but I’m rarely able to take on new clients. If you’re interested in one-on-one work, please email with details about what you’re looking for. If I’m not available, I’ll do my best to recommend someone else who may be a fit!

I value your privacy; you can see the full privacy policy here. Talk to you soon!

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