You have something meaningful to share that others need to hear. Wisdom, ideas, knowledge, support. It’s all there.

But sometimes it’s hard to get it all out of your head and into the world. And that’s where I come in. 



When it comes to sharing what you know, some parts feel fun and easy. And some parts…well, they just don’t.

Maybe you’re great at pulling together big projects (hello, checklists!), but you struggle to see the connections among what feel like a bunch of scattered thoughts.

Maybe you are great at speaking, feeling confident and sure about your ideas, but when you try to write something down, everything gets jumbled. And editing what you wrote? Forget about it.

Or maybe you absolutely love writing, but you feel completely overwhelmed at the thought of pulling together a bigger project (like a book or an online class).

Everyone feels this struggle. (Me included.) That’s why I created Content Collaboration.


I’ll meet you at the intersection of what feels good and what feels hard. And I’ll take over the hard stuff.

I can help with brainstorming, planning, outlining, pulling together existing materials, writing, editing…and more.

We’ll talk about your idea. We’ll talk about the parts you love, the parts that feel good (or just important) for you to do. And then we’ll talk about where I can fill in the gaps, helping you move forward with your project instead of staying stuck.

Working together this way is fun and rewarding because we get to do what we're best at.

We’ll each bring our talents to the table to get your ideas out of your head and into the world!



So what does Content Collaboration look like? I can help with things like…


Collaborating with you to plan and bring to life new projects. This can look like:

  • Discussing goals, vision, format, timing, and more for new projects

  • Brainstorming, whether with you or on my own, an outline

  • Brainstorming, whether with you or on my own, detailed notes for each part of the outline

  • Pulling together existing materials to fill in the outline (like blog posts, Instagram posts, notes you’ve written, etc.) and then making note of areas where new material is needed

  • Us deciding together how the writing and editing get done (can be any combination of you and me working on each of these pieces)

Turning your scattered notes and ideas into something that feels cohesive. This can look like:

  • Reviewing notes you’ve written down (this can include diagrams, scribbled post-its, and more!)

  • A call where we discuss any notes you sent over, along with all the ideas on your mind, during which I take extensive notes

  • Pulling together all your ideas into an outline, flow, or format that we then discuss

  • Us deciding together how the writing and editing get done (can be any combination of you and me working on each of these pieces)

Creating something from existing materials. This can look like:

  • Pulling together existing materials (blog posts, Instagram posts, notes you’ve written, etc.)

  • Organizing existing materials into a suggested flow, format, or outline that we then discuss

  • Editing existing materials for clarity, flow, and completeness, suggesting areas for you to fill in or expand upon

Editing what you’ve already written so it feels like you and says what you’ve been trying to say. This can look like:

  • A meeting to make sure we’re on the same page and I understand what you’re looking for

  • Big-picture editing, which is focused on flow, pacing, completeness, clarity, and more

  • Editing, which is focused on spelling, grammar, sentence construction, and more

  • Proofreading, which is focused on catching typos and small errors

Using what we’ve created together in different ways. This can look like:

  • Me pulling out quotes, snippets, main points, and more to create the foundation for blog posts, social media shares, and more

  • Me suggesting or working to brainstorm with you other ways to share this information (like using an online course as the foundation for a book)

  • Other things you dream up!



I've worked on projects like...

Ecourse Creation

Compilation from multiple existing courses and posts
Outlining of entire mutli-lesson course
Editing (developmental, copy, and proofreading)

Monthly Membership Course Creation

Co-brainstorming of ideas
Editing multiple versions of each course

Website Content Creation

Core message coaching
Content planning
Editing of site content

Monthly Newsletter

Overall strategy
Monthly brainstorming
Monthly outlining
Monthly editing

Free Ebook Creation

Editing and proofreading of ebook content

Core Message Coaching

Connecting client's ideas
Compiling into a usable document

Magazine Editing

Copy for most or all stories in each issue

Proposal Work

Brainstorming how to outline proposals
Editing multiple rounds of proposals

Novel Editing

Light editing and proofreading of a self-published novel

Coaching Intake Form

Personalizing, streamlining, and flow of information


And I've worked with clients like...

  • Braid Creative

  • Amanda Dennelly

  • MaggieGentry

  • Laura Holway

  • Marissa Burdett of Ampersand

  • La Petite Peach

  • Emilie Maynor

  • Kate Gatski

  • Denise Gelberg

  • Kinfolk Magazine

  • Pure Green Magazine

  • Define Magazine (by Amanda Jane Jones)

  • ...and more!


Erica Midkiff - Content Coach - 1.jpg

My Process

I believe in a process of co-creation:

You have the ideas inside of you, but need help getting them out into the world.

I have the skills to help you get those ideas out into the world, but I lack the in-depth knowledge about and passion for the project that only you can bring.

Alone, we would struggle to get your ideas out there.

Together, we can create something truly beautiful.

What You Can Expect

I lead with kindness. Whether I'm editing something you've written or suggesting new ideas, I'm aware (and respectful) of the fact that this is your project and that it's important to you.

I also believe you have the answers. So when you ask a question, I'm often going to help you find the answer within yourself rather than simply giving you an answer.

And finally, my aim in editing is for readability. I don't believe that the perfect grammatical construction serves every project, and I don't think you do either. Together, we'll create something readable and meaningful.



Want to have a no-pressure conversation about how we might work together on your project?

I’d love to hear about your idea(s) and see if we might be a good fit! You can schedule a free, 45-minute, no-pressure Discovery Call below. (Or feel free to use my contact page if you'd like to email a little first. Up to you!)

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