Content Portfolio, Philosophy, and Praise

Take a peek at the kinds of projects I've worked on and clients I've worked with before,
learn a bit more about how I believe in working on a content project together,
and see what's made clients happy about working with me!


I've worked on projects like...

Ecourse Creation

Compilation from multiple existing courses and posts
Outlining of entire mutli-lesson course
Editing (developmental, copy, and proofreading)

Monthly Membership Course Creation

Co-brainstorming of ideas
Editing multiple versions of each course

Website Content Creation

Core message coaching
Content planning
Editing of site content

Monthly Newsletter

Overall strategy
Monthly brainstorming
Monthly outlining
Monthly editing

Free Ebook Creation

Editing and proofreading of ebook content

Core Message Coaching

Connecting client's ideas
Compiling into a usable document

Magazine Editing

Copy for most or all stories in each issue

Proposal Work

Brainstorming how to outline proposals
Editing multiple rounds of proposals

Novel Editing

Light editing and proofreading of a self-published novel

Coaching Intake Form

Personalizing, streamlining, and flow of information

And I've worked with clients like...

  • Braid Creative

  • Amanda Dennelly

  • La Petite Peach

  • Emilie Maynor

  • Kate Gatski

  • Denise Gelberg

  • Kinfolk Magazine

  • Pure Green Magazine

  • Define Magazine (by Amanda Jane Jones)

  • ...and lots of others!

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My Process

I believe in a process of co-creation:

You have the ideas inside of you, but need help getting them out into the world.

I have the skills to help you get those ideas out into the world, but I lack the in-depth knowledge about and passion for the project that only you can bring.

Alone, we would struggle to get your ideas out there.

Together, we can create something truly beautiful.

What You Can Expect

I lead with kindness. Whether I'm editing something you've written or suggesting new ideas, I'm aware (and respectful) of the fact that this is your project and that it's important to you.

I also believe you have the answers. So when you ask a question, I'm often going to help you find the answer within yourself rather than simply giving you an answer.

And finally, my aim in editing is for readability. I don't believe that the perfect grammatical construction serves every project, and I don't think you do either. Together, we'll create something readable and meaningful.

Here are some kind words from a few wonderful clients!

(More coming soon.)

I feel like Erica reached into my mind and pulled out the heart and soul of my brand and the work that I do with my clients.

And my experience working with her was absolutely amazing. Erica is soulful and very, very articulate and has this way of making you feel like you’ve been best friends for years, so it was easy for me to open up to her and let all of my thoughts go out to her.
— Emilie Maynor of

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