Let’s get your big ideas out of your head and into the world.

Because the world needs what you have to offer.



You’re here to create positive change through your work.

You know you have something big to offer the world. You can feel it.

But when you try to explain what you do, write about your ideas, or make decisions about what path to take…you start to feel overwhelmed.

There are so many ideas swirling around in your head, vying for your attention. And there are so many different paths you could take to get your big ideas out there.

When you start writing or speaking about your work, you may even find you’ve left out whole parts of what you believe. And man, is that frustrating. (I’ve been there.)

So the question becomes:

How do you know (and confidently share) what’s at the heart of the meaningful work you want to do?



You get fresh perspective.

Because the connections, patterns, and truths inherent in your ideas have been there all along.

You just need an outside mind to help pull them into the cohesive, solid form you’ve been craving.

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I've been exactly where you are.

I know what you’re feeling...
∙  Scattered
∙  Distracted
∙  Uncertain

...and what you’re doing:
∙  Chasing idea after idea
∙  Scribbling notes in way too many random places
∙  Having a hard time explaining what you do

And I know you want to feel...
∙  Better in your business
∙  More confident in your decision-making
∙  Like you’re making a difference instead of a mess

...and you want to:
∙  More confidently explain what you do
∙  Create better content with less struggle
∙  Put your heart into all that you do
∙  Stop struggling and get back to work already!


I’ve felt, done, and wanted all of those things—and more.
But when I tried to figure out how to DIY a solution, I struggled.


My brain just couldn’t hold all the pieces together at one time.

It was too overwhelming. Why?

Because I was too close to my ideas.

I was bringing my ideas to the table, yes—but I was also bringing my fears, doubts, comparisons, uncertainty, and more.

And those things were getting in the way.

So I asked for help. But this happened piecemeal—a little here, a little there. I wasn't really sure what to ask for.

I was chasing a feeling, and I tried all sorts of things to find it.

But eventually, I realized what I'd been looking for all along.



I wanted someone to take everything that was in my head
and put it on paper...in a way that made sense.

Not in an outward-facing way, but in a simple, easy-to-use document
that stated what I do, what I believe, and why...in plain language (my language).
And I realized I couldn't be the only one. So I created Core Message Coaching.

Want to see the details in a more visual way?
You can check out a free PDF about Core Message Coaching right here!



Here's what Core Message Coaching is all about.

I listen to all the ideas swirling around in your head, and then pull them into a simple, solid foundation for the meaningful work you want to do.

This isn't about creating something super fancy. (I do this in a plain old Word document.)

This is about me listening to your words and ideas, and then moving the pieces around to solidify them into what you've been trying to say all along.


We’ll follow a three-step method I call Gather, Connect, Live:


  • I’ll send you some questions to consider before our first call. You can write your answers down and send them back, or simply wait until our call to answer them.

  • You’ll send me any information you’d like me to have (notes, dreams, posts, drafts, and so on). I know you have ideas scribbled down in lots of places!

  • Then we’ll get on a call and you’ll tell me all the ideas swirling around in your brain. I’ll take copious notes!


  • You’ll sit back and feel the utter relief that comes from getting it all out of your head. (It’s a truly beautiful feeling.)

  • I’ll review the notes from our call and anything you sent my way. I’ll pull together the foundational elements of what we talked about and send that to you for review. We’ll have two more calls to make sure the foundation is strong, and then add in other details until it feels complete.

  • I’ll send you a final version of this document, which I call your Core Message Clarity Map.


  • As we discuss changes to the draft, we’ll also talk about how to use your Core Message Clarity Map. This can include brainstorming ideas, deciding what to let go of, and more.

  • After we work together, you’ll get a guide that will help you use your Core Message Clarity Map going forward, and help you revise it as your work continues to evolve and change.

  • And once I’ve sent the final version, you’ll have 3 weeks to ask my questions by email as you implement this newfound clarity into your work!


I’ve been in business for several years now, and felt like I was really scattered and offering lots of different things.

Working with Erica helped me see that I already had a cohesive brand and a strong message.

She was able to take all my different ideas and energy and pull them into a really beautiful map that has helped me streamline the way that I talk about what I do on my website, on social media, and with my clients.

And when I’m ready to create new products or content, I go back to this map to make sure what I have in mind is consistent with my brand and what I want to offer—really, to make sure it’s consistent with my heart and soul.
— Emilie Maynor of emiliemaynor.com


Let's dig a little deeper into what Core Message Coaching looks like.

What do you get in Core Message Coaching?

When you work with me, you'll get:

  • A pre-call set of reflection questions

  • Three 1:1 calls

  • A Core Message Clarity Map

  • A guide to help you use and revise your Core Message Clarity Map

  • Three weeks of email support as you implement all that we pull together

  • The confidence and clarity you’ve been craving

What's in the Core Message Clarity Map?

Inside your Core Message Clarity Map, you'll find:

  • Your core message. This is a simple statement that gets to the heart of all you do.

  • Your supporting messages. These are truths that support your core message.

  • Other foundational pieces. These are different for each person and business, but can include things like a manifesto, mission statement, set of core beliefs or principles, important definitions, big goals, ideal client information, and more!

What’s included truly depends on our conversation. Your Core Message Clarity Map is tailored to what you need most, and is formed out of the ideas already inside of you.

You already know what you need, deep down inside. You just need help uncovering it.

How do you use the Core Message Clarity Map?

You'll refer to your Core Message Clarity Map again and again for things like:

  • Brainstorming content ideas

  • Dreaming up new offerings

  • Writing talks for speaking engagements

  • Creating sales and website pages

  • Writing bios for different platforms

  • Making decisions about opportunities

  • Communicating with potential clients

  • Reminding yourself of the path you’re on

  • Explaining what you do (and why)

  • Pitching yourself to podcast hosts


Ready to feel better in your business?
The clarity and freedom inherent in
Core Message Coaching starts at $2,000.

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If you want to see the details in a different way,
you can check out a free PDF about Core Message Coaching right here!

I feel like Erica reached into my mind and pulled out the heart and soul of my brand and the work that I do with my clients.

And my experience working with her was absolutely amazing. Erica is soulful and very, very articulate and has this way of making you feel like you’ve been best friends for years, so it was easy for me to open up to her and let all of my thoughts go out to her.
— Emilie Maynor of emiliemaynor.com


Have questions about Core Message Coaching?
You're in the right place! Read on.


Can you tell me more about what a core message is?
Put simply, a core message is a simple but elegant statement—just a couple of sentences, often expressed as a belief or a truth—that sums up the work that you do. It represents the heart of your business, the philosophy your work is based on, the catalyst for all of your content, the touchstone that you return to again and again when you have new ideas or start playing that comparison game we all know too well.

Who exactly is offering this Core Message Coaching?
Hey! I’m Erica. I started out as a copy editor (yes, I do love commas, thanks for asking!). But I found that I kept wanting to be involved earlier and earlier in the writing process—I knew that if I could work with writers to get clear on their mission and message before they put pen to paper (or, you know, fingers to keyboard), they could create a more meaningful piece of writing from the very beginning.

When I combined that desire with my love of personal growth work, I really started to find the place where I knew I could make the biggest difference. Today, I help conscious creatives make space for the important but often overlooked work that can make all the difference in their life and work.

What if I have more questions?
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