I'd love to hear your thoughts about our time together.

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Below, there are a few questions to prompt you. At the end, there's a space for any additional thoughts you have.

I’ve included a lot of questions on purpose. Not because you have to answer them all (the only required questions are your name and whether or not it's ok for me to share your feedback in a public testimonial). Rather, I wanted to give you plenty of options about how to share your thoughts.

So answer what you feel called to and skip what you don’t. The biggest thing for me is to hear what feels important for you to share with me! These questions are simply a way in.

I welcome any feedback you have to give, whether positive or negative. All I ask is that you give both with kindness. <3

Thanks again for your time!

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I want to help you keep the momentum going. I want to create a list of resources and ideas for CMC clients that will help them take the next steps, and I'd love to hear what that would include for you.
I'm not asking for a commitment. I want to help you truly use what we create together. I want you to feel that this experience had a ripple effect for you, and that it's something that becomes a part of the way you work, rather than a thing you did one time and then moved on from. So...what would be helpful? More education? More 1:1 support? Reminders? Resources? Workshops? Check-ins? Writing? Editing? Brainstorming? Outlining? The sky is the limit! I'd love to know what would feel supportive.
And finally, are you open to having me share your feedback in a testimonial on my website? If so, I can create a blurb from your answers and send it to you for review before it gets posted (or, if you prefer, you can write one in the space provided below). And if not, no worries! Just getting feedback from you is super helpful. *