Often, we think writing demands space.
But I think the truth is that writing can create space.


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I’m not talking about writing for others.

This isn't about the emails, the sales pages, the client pitches, the annual family update letter. I’m talking about sitting down for a few minutes and writing just for you.

This is where you say, “Oh, I don’t have time for that. What a luxury. I have things to do.”

I would argue you don’t have time not to do this kind of writing.

We take in an incredible amount of information these days—words, images, ideas, requests, advertisements, meaningful stories. They’re coming at us from all around.

And then there’s our internal world. Ideas, dreams, fears, wishes, snippets of knowledge, memories, experiences—all are racing around in our own heads as we work to be better business owners, parents, spouses, friends, and more.



We can't do our best work, can't offer our best selves, with a cluttered mind.

We need to regularly spend time processing what's on our minds, letting go of what's no longer needed and sorting through the rest to look for connections, patterns, and ways to move forward. Creating space for what's important. Listening to our inner wisdom.

I could go on, but the point is this: I truly believe that If we neglect this important work, the other things we're doing in life will take more time and energy than they need to.



But no matter how much we understand the importance of slowing down, taking stock, listening to our own wisdom…we struggle to just do it.

There’s a disconnect between knowledge and action that I believe is holding us back—from being and offering our very best selves.

Explore: 31 Days of Intentional Writing can help you commit to the kind of writing that creates space.

Space for clarity and insight into your ideas, dreams, needs, and desires. Space for truth and your own inner wisdom. Space for meaning and the beauty that is all around us.

This is the kind of space that creates freedom in your life.


Writing was feeling like a chore, but after working through Explore, writing has become a habit, and I itch for it every day. I love having a place to explore my true feelings, doubts, and desires in a judgment-free arena.
— Krista Trimble


I'm pretty sure we all want freedom and space in our life.

But if we're practical for a moment, we know that we still have to write for others.

Our businesses depend on us doing at least some writing. We have to put ourselves out there to find the people who need our help. And a lot of people find that kind of writing...well, intimidating. Even those who identify as writers (hello!) often feel that way (raising my hand).

But doing something over and over again, like Explore asks you to do with intentional writing, can create a feeling of greater ease.

I don't mean it makes things easy. I'm talking the feeling of being at ease with the practice of writing. At ease with sitting down and letting the words out. When you do something regularly, you become more familiar and comfortable with it. And even though the kind of writing you'll do in Explore isn't for other people, it can help you feel more ease around the writing you do for others.

So along with space, intentional writing can also create ease.


Sound good so far?
Here's how Explore works.

Each day for 31 days, you’ll get a prompt in your inbox designed to help you think about and process things from your past, your present, and your future.

Where you take your writing each day is up to you. The prompts are simply a way in—an invitation to get started and see where the path takes you.

But Explore is about so much more than just the prompts.

It’s all too easy to do something halfway—to start a project like Explore but then fizzle out because you weren’t clear on why you were really doing it. To do the writing but then never read back over your words to look for clues, patterns, and themes that could help you move forward in a more confident, intentional way.

So when you sign up for Explore, you’ll also get:


A Welcome Guide

This will help you set an intention for your practice so that you know what you're working toward.

It will also help you set up your mental and physical space, so you're more likely to make the time and do the work!

Check-Ins and Encouragement

Each week, you'll also get:

  • A reminder to check in with your progress and your intention
  • Encouragement to help you keep going during those inevitable rough patches

A Wrap-Up Guide

This will help you reflect on the experience (something we often avoid or neglect, but that is so important).

It will also help you use what you created, whether that's the writing you did, the ideas you uncovered, the momentum you created!


The questions you ask always invite reflection. I love how open-ended you kept the prompts. But for me, the most powerful part was the before and after guides. I really appreciated all the meaty questions in both guides.
— Heidi Fiedler of helloheidifiedler.com

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So what will you get out of Explore? Here's just a taste of what's possible.

At the end of 31 days, you might find...

  • You have created an intentional writing practice you're excited to continue.
  • You have uncovered ideas for content you can't wait to share with your audience.
  • You have gained clarity around an idea or a problem that's been on your mind for a while.
  • You feel more comfortable simply sitting down and writing; some of the pressure is off.
  • You feel a deeper closeness with your inner wisdom.
  • You're simply proud of yourself for committing to something for 31 days, and more likely to commit to things you think are hard in the future.


Truly, what you get out of Explore is up to you.
And what you get might just surprise you!



Explore is $99.
Ready to dive in?


Note: You choose when the prompts begin coming to your inbox! When you sign up for Explore, you'll get an email containing the welcome guide. Inside, there's a link that will trigger the start of the prompts (you'll sign up for a mailing list and your prompts will begin the next day). You're in charge!


I really delved into my honest feelings and concerns with each prompt, and releasing all of that was therapeutic. I learned a lot about myself, and I also learned that I don’t hate writing!

I used to worry about who would care about things I post, but I really believe Explore has given me the sentiment that I’m allowed to write about what I want; the right people will see it, enjoy it, and learn from it!
— Krista Trimble


You have a lot of options for how you spend your time and money. And I want you to spend both wisely.

I've tried hard to explain Explore thoroughly, but I want you to feel comfortable taking a chance.

So here's the guarantee (check out my Terms of Service for more details):

If you buy Explore and find it's not for you, let me know within 15 days of receiving the first prompt email and I'll refund the entire purchase price. All I ask in return is some feedback about why it didn't work for you!


How much does Explore cost?
It's $99 for the Welcome Guide, 31 days of prompts, weekly encouragement and check-ins, and Wrap-Up Guide.

How much time will this take?
The prep work should take a couple of hours, give or take; some people will spend more time on it and some a little less. The questions I ask to help you set your intention are weighty, so make sure you take time to answer them fully!  Then each day, it'll take the amount of time you plan to spend writing (so, say, 10 minutes) plus probably about five minutes to get set up (clear your desk, light your candle, open your journal, or whatever your ritual) and the maybe another five to clear everything away and switch to your next task. I would expect wrap-up work to take another couple of hours, again, give or take! But really, take as much time as you like.

When will my prompts start?
It's totally up to you! In the welcome guide, there's a link that will trigger the start of the prompts (you'll sign up for a mailing list and your prompts will begin the next day). You're in charge!

What if I miss a day?
This most likely will happen. But no worries! The emails will keep coming. You could: answer two prompts in one day to get caught up, work a day behind, or simply skip the day's prompt that you missed and then add an extra day on the end to complete that prompt. No matter what you choose to do, remember to be kind to yourself in the process and not to let one missed day stop you in your tracks!

What if I find that Explore isn't for me once I've started?
I've done my best to explain what Explore is like and what you can expect, but I want you to feel safe trying it out if you're just not sure! So I offer a simple guarantee: If you buy Explore and find it's not for you, let me know within 15 days of receiving the first prompt email and I'll refund the entire purchase price. All I ask in return is some feedback about why it didn't work for you! (Check out my Terms of Service for more details.)

What if I have more questions?
Get in touch right here!