I’m committed to helping creatives cultivate a more intimate relationship with themselves and their work.


What I Write About

I’m not afraid to go deep. (In fact, going deep is pretty much a way of life for me.)

So I do a lot of thinking, reading, learning, experimenting, talking, and writing about…well, a lot of things.

Cultivating a more intimate relationship with ourselves and our work

  • Experimenting to see what works best for us in our daily life and work

  • Showing up as exactly who we are for what’s most important to us and to the world

  • Uncovering the patterns and connections inherent in each of our work

  • Paying attention, self-trust, spaciousness, creating visions but holding them loosely, and so much more

  • The space and resources and opportunities needed to do all these things, and how to work toward a world in which everyone has access to all of these things

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Email Samples

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