On planning...to take action

There’s something about December and January that feels magical.

Possibility is in the air, planning is in full swing, and the thought of a fresh start is just so alluring.

I am a possibility fiend—nothing better than the promise of something new, something fresh, something different, something better.

Which is precisely why I have to be careful this time of year.

I can easily go way too far into planning and discovery mode (my favorite place to be), neglecting its just-as-important friend: action.

Every year, I have this (incorrect) feeling that once the calendar flips over to January, I’ll magically be filled with this desire to jump in feet first, switching from planning to action mode with the greatest of ease. It all looks so good on paper!

But the reality is that I often enter January a bit dazed, coming down from a high of planning (well, and sugar), blinking a bit as I realize I now have to, well, do something.

But this year, I already know what I’ll be doing on January 1: writing.

And if you want to join me, check out Explore: 31 Days of Intentional Writing.
Each day during the month of January, you’ll get a short email from me with a writing prompt. You’ll commit to spending fifteen minutes (or more if you want) writing something inspired by the prompt.

That’s action right there. But it doesn't mean you're abandoning the thinking and planning and dreaming part—it just means you're just doing it on paper instead of keeping it all in your head.

I’d love to have you join me if Explore feels right to you.

(Registration ends December 17 at 5pm Central time!)

(Oh, and if you’ve already signed up for Explore, I hope this post got you even more excited for it!)