When You Get Off Track

I’m going to be really honest here.

It feels a little odd to have gone on Being Boss a few weeks ago to talk about creating content (thank you so much for your interest and love and support!)—and then have gone through a period of sharing my own content either sporadically or not at all.

Typically, I send out an email each week on or around Wednesday. But the past few weeks, I’ve either sent out something on Friday…or I’ve sent nothing at all.

I could definitely get pretty upset about this—but I realized I don’t want to, so I’m choosing not to. And I’m hoping you’ll give yourself the same kind of break when you don’t stick to your predetermined schedule. Because here’s the thing:

It’s easy to tell yourself that people will judge you if you don’t keep up a rigid schedule.

It’s easy to tell yourself that your entire audience will simply disappear if you get off track a bit.

And it’s way too easy to tell yourself you should give up important things like sleep or relaxed meals at the table with your family or side projects you really love to keep your content schedule going.

But those are just stories you’re telling yourself.

If people judge you or disappear, I’m guessing they weren’t right for you anyway, which is totally fine (and normal). And those things you want to give up? They’re the very things that give you fuel to create content—and often, inspiration as well! I’m guessing your content well would dry up pretty quickly if you gave them the boot.

So giving yourself a break when things get a bit busy is crucial.

And today, I’m going to tell you what’s been going on with me—so you can see the kind of choices I’m making (I’m creating my own balance!), and so you can get a little nudge to be kind to yourself as well.

The reason I’m not sharing as much here is not for lack of things to share—I actually have tons of ideas and partially written posts (writing in layers, remember?). In fact, the post you’re reading right now has been mostly written for almost two weeks.

The reason I’m not sharing is that I’m (as they would say on Being Boss) doing the work. I’m knee-deep (although that doesn’t seem very deep now that I type it) in incredible client projects, relaunching Explore, and creating something to share with you while I’m on maternity leave.

In short, I’m working on things that will help you connect with yourself and your ideas—so you can create content that connects with your audiences. And I’ve found myself wanting to just be honest with you. To say, Hey, I’m doing some cool things. I haven’t forgotten you. I’m just softening a little around writing right now—but I still want to say hello and tell you what’s going on. And I don’t see anything wrong with that.

So if you’re going through a time when you’re not sharing as much—no matter what the reason—give yourself a bit of a break.

And consider just being honest about it. Let your readers know where you are (and, if it feels right, point them to some other posts they may enjoy). Here are some ways I’ve done this in the past:

Or you can simply give yourself some space and then come back when you’re ready and keep on going. I’m guessing the people who want to hear what you have to say, the people your message is right for right now, will welcome you back with open arms.

Sending lots of love to you, whether you’re right on track with your content schedule or feeling a bit behind!

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