How intentional writing can help you

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I think there are three big things you can get out of intentional writing:

  • space (in your mind and in your day)

  • ease (around writing and around pausing to reflect)

  • wisdom (that is, access to your own inner wisdom)

But I know sometimes it’s hard to imagine what those intangible things could do for you.

Intentional writing is a pretty open book. The point is simply to explore whatever's on your mind, and there's no telling what will come out of it. That's a good thing, but can also make intentional writing a little hard to pin down.

Explore brings a bit of focus to the process. In Explore, you’ll be answering a different prompt each day, based on your past, present, and future. But...I can't tell you where those prompts will take you! It'll depend on the intention you create, what's on your mind each day, how the questions make you feel, and so on.

So I can't really tell you what intentional writing will do for you. But what I can do is show you some possibilities!

So here are just a few things I think you could get from intentional writing (whether you choose to do Explore or not), in the three areas I talk and think about most—content, business, and life.


  • Discover new things you could share with the people you know you can help (stories about your past, dreams for the future, beliefs that you hadn’t quite found a way to express just yet)

  • See connections between some ideas you previously thought were separate things, sparking a post or email that helps your audience understand even more clearly what you offer / know / etc.

  • Realize what your “voice” looks like when you’re not trying or writing for anyone but yourself, and have concrete examples to use as you try to bring more of your real voice into your content

  • Feel less stress around the entire process of writing, and give yourself permission to just get it all out on the page before trying to make it ready for others


  • Discover (or rediscover) truths about why you started your business in the first place

  • Connect the dots between some ideas that have been floating around in your mind, and use this newfound sense of clarity to do any number of things (create a new offering, stop offering something that doesn’t fit in, work more or less or differently, and so on)

  • Give yourself permission to keep on pausing and digging deeper into your ideas, knowing that a bit of time spent exploring can make a big difference


  • Shine a light on some things you hadn’t realized you were struggling with (and that you can how begin to work on)

  • Highlight things you’re grateful for

  • Rediscover an old interest that you hadn’t thought about in a while Rediscover an old interest that you hadn’t thought about in a while (reading, painting, hiking, or whatever!)

  • Give yourself permission to spend time on yourself because you see what a difference it makes

  • Gain a habit of pausing each day to reflect on something—whether that’s how your day is going, an idea that came to you on a morning walk, or the way the light is hitting the floor beside your desk

If you’re intrigued, try out Explore Day to Day—my free intentional writing guide. You can download it right now from my free Connection Library*.

Inside, you’ll find a super-simple writing process (no excuses not to get started!), seven prompts to use in situations we all face often (like when you feel distracted, you’re working through a big idea, or you’re trying to come up with content to share), and an easy way to sort through and use what you’ve written.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

And keep an eye on this space (or your email)—Explore will be here next week!

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Until then,
With much love,


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