Proof and Permission through the Content Freedom Intensive

This post has been such a long time in the making.
I started scribbling notes about what is now the Content Freedom Intensive years ago. But I didn't trust myself enough to just put the work out there. I would look around me and think, Hmm, everyone else seems so polished and my ideas are all over the place. I can't share this mess. Or I would worry, Surely someone else has already said this better than I ever could. What do I have to offer?

On the one hand, I struggled to see how all my ideas fit together, and on the other hand, I worried that in the end, those ideas weren't good enough.

I didn't trust my vision (or myself) enough to believe that if I figured something out and then put it out there, feedback and conversation would lead me to the next step.

I've done a lot of work to pull myself out of that place, and along the way, I've realized something very important:

I was truly looking for two things that I suspect you're also seeking.

First, we're looking for proof. Proof that so many of the ideas pinging around in our heads (and in our hearts, cheesy as that can sound) do mean something. That those things do contribute to a bigger whole, a bigger purpose.

And second, we're looking for permission. Permission to let go of the ideas and “should”s and plans that just don’t fit into that bigger whole, that aren’t serving us or the people we want to help. Permission to put our seeds of ideas out there in a way that makes sense to us right now and then gather feedback and refine as we move forward.

I finally found that proof and permission within myself, and I’m here to help you find your own proof and permission.

And that’s why I’m officially launching the One-on-One Content Freedom Intensive!

If you loved the challenge and want even more in-depth work, the Intensive may be just the thing for you.

It's nine weeks of guidance and support as you dig deep into who you are, what you know, and how you can help—and then shape that into a content plan that feels meaningful and sustainable for you and that creates an environment for connecting with the people you can help the most. Plus you'll get lots of tools and systems to help you keep the momentum going as you start sharing with newfound clarity!
Hop over here to learn way more and, if you’re interested, to schedule a time to chat with me about working together!

Now I know what you’re thinking—what about the self-paced version?
I had planned to launch it with the one-on-one version, but recently, I found out that the universe had other plans. I let myself wallow in yucky feelings for about an hour, and then I pulled myself together and gave myself a stern talk. (While on a walk, which is how I do these things best.)
By the time I got home, I had made peace with the delay. I am the kind of person who wants to do things the right way, and so I’m taking the time to get all my ducks in a row before I send it out into the world.

But in the interim, I’m launching something totally brand-new: email coaching!
This may be right for you if you feel like you're making progress with your content, but you feel stuck in one or two areas—and you know you can't move forward without clearing up those things first.

Maybe you are thisclose to finalizing your core message but can't quite take that final step.

Or maybe you know what you want to share, but you’re stuck trying to decide what goes on your blog and what belongs in a newsletter.

Or maybe you have seven different ideas for an email opt-in and you just can’t pick one.

Whatever the reason, you know the feeling—so close but so far away.

Email coaching just might be the answer!

You’ll send me an email telling me where you are and where you’re stuck, and then I’ll spend an hour responding to you, offering advice or ideas or resources to check out—or whatever feels appropriate.

Sometimes, you just need an outside nudge to help you move forward—someone to help you make the connections you're struggling to make yourself. And that's exactly what email coaching is all about—me giving you a fresh perspective on things you've spent way too much time thinking about (I know because I've been there!).
If you’re interested, learn more about email coaching right here!

Now I know you get a lot of opportunities to work with people, and I know they can all seem pretty tempting. It's hard to know which are right for you right now...and which are not. So I've made a simple (but, I believe, powerful) worksheet to help you dig into what you want to focus on right now.

And if you're still not sure, reach out. I would be more than happy to help if I can!

With much love,

P.S. If you skimmed all the way to the bottom, here’s the short version:

The One-on-One Content Freedom Intensive has launched! (The self-paced version will launch soon.)
Plus I introduced Email Coaching, a much smaller engagement. It's for you if you’re only feeling stuck in one or two areas (or you want to see if we’re a fit before jumping straight into the Intensive!).