A shift to seasonal

Lately, I’ve been feeling a pull to tune in more with the natural world—seasons of the year, cycles of the moon, and so on.

Lining up with these natural rhythms requires both awareness and intention—awareness about how what’s happening around you relates to what’s happening within you, and intention about how you bring those two things into greater alignment.

I think I’m so into syncing with the natural world because those two things—intention and awareness—are naturally showing up in my work already:

  • Explore: 31 Days of Intentional Writing is all about setting an intention and seeing it through, while staying aware of your intention and working to stay on track along the way.

  • Stay Unstuck: A Guide to Awareness and Action is all about intentionally preparing ahead of time for when you inevitably get stuck, and paying attention so that you can recognize signs of being stuck and address them with greater ease.

  • Stronger Month by Month is all about paying attention to what you need most right now, setting an intention for the month that focuses on that one area, and then paying attention to what happens as you go.

After I realized that, I began to think about how the shift between seasons could play a greater role in the ways that I help you.

Because here’s the thing: All the work I do is ongoing in nature. Intentional writing is not a one-time practice; it’s a habit that can serve you year round. Setting yourself up to stay unstuck isn’t a one-time process; it requires maintenance and periodic reflection. And setting monthly intentions is, by all definitions, and ongoing thing.

So I want to begin to create a culture around:

  • Paying attention to what you need right now

  • Setting an intention to help you get what you need

  • Regularly recommitting to the ideas and practices (like intentional writing) that are important to you

…and I think seasonally feels like good pacing for this.

My idea is that as we approach each season, we’ll do some simple but powerful free things together—like intentional writing, reflection, and intention-setting. These exercises will be designed to help you whether you’ve bought everything I have to offer or never buy a single thing from me. It’s the kind of process we can all benefit from!

I’m still in thinking mode, so that’s all I’ll say right now (if you have ideas or things you’d like to see happen, let me know!).

But this seasonal shift does mean something for you right now (if you’ve already done Explore, you can skip the rest of this post with my love):

May will be the last monthly round of Explore.

I’m going to move the start dates for Explore to line up with the seasonal ideas I mentioned above, which means this is the last chance for you to do Explore until this summer.

If you’ve been interested but haven’t signed up yet and this feels like the right time, head over to ericamidkiff.com/explore right now!

You’ll need to sign up by Friday, April 28 (that’s tomorrow!) to participate in the May round of Explore.

When you sign up, you’ll get:

  • A welcome guide that will help you set an intention for the experience

  • A short email every day for 31 days (the first prompt email will arrive March 1, 2017) containing an open-ended prompt designed to help you explore the power of writing

  • A weekly reminder (in your daily prompt email) to check in on your intention, notice your progress, and make any adjustments needed

  • Weekly encouragement (in your daily prompt email)...because getting stuck or off track is inevitable, but you don’t have to stay stuck!

  • A wrap-up guide that will help you reflect and move forward after Explore ends

  • The chance to create greater space (in your mind and in your day), ease

  • (around writing and around pausing for reflection), and wisdom (access to your own inner wisdom, that is) in your life and business!

You can sign up for the May round of Explore here if you're interested. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, as always!

I’m excited keep moving forward with you, and as always, look forward to hearing your thoughts!

With much love,

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