Stay Unstuck: A Guide to Awareness and Action

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Unstuck Cover.jpg

Stay Unstuck: A Guide to Awareness and Action


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When you commit to Stay Unstuck, you’ll get a an email containing your 68-page, self-paced guide.

It'll walk you through creating a list of tactics to use any time you get stuck and heightening your awareness around when you’re stuck in the first place, including:

  • A detailed list of 25 tactics you can use right now to get unstuck on any creative projects or decisions

  • Another list of 7 tactics that can help you when you feel a general malaise and you’re not sure what’s going on

  • Step-by-step instructions for choosing which tactics to try, adding what works for you, and setting up your lists

  • A powerful four-part process to help you raise awareness around when you're stuck

  • Ways to keep up with your lists so that all your hard work doesn’t go by the wayside as you try to slide into old, comfortable patterns (something we all do, even when we know they don’t work for us)

  • Guiding worksheets (8 of them to be exact) that will help you carry out the ideas in the guide

If you have more questions about what you're getting, head over to to get the full scoop.

Here's the guarantee I offer. If you buy Stay Unstuck and find it's not for you, let me know within 15 days of receiving the first prompt email and I'll refund the entire purchase price. All I ask in return is some feedback about why it didn't work for you (there's more info in the Terms of Service).

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If you live in Alabama, 4% sales tax will be added. If you live in Jefferson County, Alabama, 2% sales tax will also be added. And if you live in Homewood, Alabama, 4% sales tax will also be added. (So if you live in Homewood, Alabama, that's a total of 10% sales tax.)

I'm really excited for you to take this journey!

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