You’re not “just an idea person.”
You have the capacity to be a follow-through person, too!


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As creatives, we’re naturally good at coming up with ideas.

But bringing ideas to life is inherently messy. And we struggle with messy.

All too quickly, a small decision (which option to pick) turns into overthinking and indecision (What am I doing with my life?!).

We spend too much time and money trying to solve the wrong problem until eventually, we lose sight of the original idea altogether. Then a shiny new idea comes along...and the cycle begins all over again.

Eventually, our self-confidence erodes, and we begin to feel we're just not capable of following through. But that's not true.



When you plan ahead for the inevitable messiness of
bringing creative ideas to life, your self-confidence remains intact.


You have an easier time moving forward with the ideas that are truly important to you.

You're able to ditch what's not right without all those feelings of guilt and disappointment.

You spend less time and money on the wrong solutions and struggle less with decisions, both big and small.

And you feel more connected to and satisfied with your work, creative projects, and so on



Planning ahead helps deal with these kinds of struggles:

  • You abandon projects without even meaning to, drifting away and trying not to think about them since they make you feel guilty.
  • You leave half-finished drafts everywhere you turn—emails, blog posts, ecourses, and more.
  • Decisions, even small ones, can feel like a huge deal, and you often wish someone else would make them for you.
  • Your brain is always buzzing with ideas, and you can't seem to just commit to one already.


So why aren't we planning ahead?
We're seeing those problems as disconnected.
But the truth is, they're all signs that you're stuck.



But it’s not getting stuck that matters—it’s how you get unstuck that makes a difference. When you prepare for it:

  • You can make conscious decisions about whether or not to abandon a project or a half-finished draft because you know why you have the impulse and what to do when it arises.
  • You can feel more comfortable making decisions because you’re prepared with tools to help you make them.
  • You can act on the ideas that are important to you (any idea can be “the one,” but it has to be given a fair chance), knowing that when the going gets tough, you have a plan.


Stay Unstuck: A Guide to Awareness and Action
will help you better plan for the inevitable...
and do the things that are important to you.




I spent years thinking if I just had a better grasp on the big picture of my business, or just had a tighter organizational system, I’d finally be able to follow through on my ideas.



So instead of working on my projects, I spent far too much time working on how to work on them.

But after my son was born, I could see that something had to change. I struggled to figure out how to get things done and spend less time on the unproductive parts.

I made some progress, but I wasn’t feeling that true sense of breakthrough until I began working on Stay Unstuck.

The guide started out really small, just a simple list of tactics to try when you felt stuck. I had gathered these throughout my years of working as a copy editor and content coach, and thought it was time I shared them all together.

But as I worked on the guide, I realized these were the tools I needed to take action on what's important to me. I just wasn’t using them in the right way.

And that's when the true mission of Stay Unstuck became clear.



Stay Unstuck is designed to help you plan ahead for the inevitability of being stuck, so you can stop spinning your wheels and start bringing your ideas to life.


First, you’ll build a list of tactics that you can turn to any time things get messy.

When you get stuck, it can feel like your brain has turned off. It's hard to think of what to do, and it's far too easy to wallow in that feeling.

Having a list of ideas you can access immediately (and that you trust because you made them when you were in a better frame of mind) will help you move into action mode, pushing you to get out of your head and try different things until you get moving again.

Then you’ll heighten your awareness around being stuck, so you can turn to your list more often.

It's one thing to make a list of tactics, but another thing entirely to use it. And often, when we’re stuck, we don’t even realize it, especially if these are deeply ingrained patterns.

So we’ll walk through a powerful four-step process to help you more quickly and effectively identify when you’re stuck, so you can address the problem and get moving again.



Stay Unstuck is ready for you. Right now, it's $59.
Are you ready to commit?

The price will go up soon!



Here's what you'll find inside.


When you commit to Stay Unstuck, you’ll gain access to a 68-page, self-paced guide.

It'll walk you through creating a list of tactics to use any time you get stuck and heightening your awareness around when you’re stuck in the first place, and includes the following:

  • A detailed list of 25 tactics you can use right now to get unstuck on any creative projects or decisions
  • Another list of 7 tactics that can help you when you feel a general malaise and you’re not sure what’s going on
  • Step-by-step instructions for choosing which tactics to try, adding in others that work for you, and setting up your own personalized lists
  • A powerful four-part process to help you raise awareness around when you're stuck
  • Instructions for keeping up with your lists (so you don't slide back into old, comfortable-but-unhelpful patterns)
  • Guiding worksheets (8 of them to be exact) that will help you carry out the ideas in the guide
  • The confidence you need to get mvoing!


All of this is available right now for $59.
Are you ready to commit?

The price will go up soon!


You have a lot of options for how you spend your time and money. And I want you to spend both wisely.

I've tried hard to explain Stay Unstuck thoroughly, but I want you to feel comfortable taking a chance.

So here's the guarantee (check out my Terms of Service for more details):

If you buy Stay Unstuck and find it's not for you, let me know within 15 days of receiving the first prompt email and I'll refund the entire purchase price. All I ask in return is some feedback about why it didn't work for you!


How much does Stay Unstuck cost?
It's $59 for the in-depth self-paced guide. This is a special launch price, and it will go up soon!

How much time will this take?
This really depends on you. If you simply read the guide from start to finish, it would take about an hour and a half (give or take). But there are some deep exercises for you to do as well, and that's where things really start to vary. You'll probably find you move more quickly through some exercises than others, depending on things like readiness for the message, resistance to certain kinds of work, and more. There are loose suggestions for mapping out your time inside the guide!

Is this for me?
Only you can know that for sure. But if you're finding yourself frustrated that you can't move through projects the way you want, getting tripped up over things that you feel should be small but that quickly become a big deal, having a really hard time making decisions on a regular basis, and/or struggling to commit to things that are important to you, I'd say it's quite possible for you. If you're not sure, send me an email. I'll be honest about whether I think this could be a fit!

What if I need help once I get started?
If you have technical struggles or something similar, you can always reach out. I'll do my best to help. If you find you need help moving through the work in the guide, I sometimes have email coaching spots open. The idea is that you write an email to me explaining where you need help, and then I spend a certain amount of time crafting a reply with ideas, resources, clarity, and/or whatever I think will help you move forward. If that sounds appealing to you, reach out!

What if I find that Stay Unstuck isn't for me once I've started?
I've done my best to explain what Stay Unstuck is like and what you can expect, but I want you to feel safe trying it out if you're just not sure! So I offer a simple guarantee: If you buy Stay Unstuck and find it's not for you, let me know within 15 days of purchasing and I'll refund the entire purchase price. All I ask in return is some feedback about why it didn't work for you! (Check out my Terms of Service for more details.)

What if I have more questions before I buy?
Get in touch right here!

Bringing your best creative ideas to life doesn't have to feel so hard.
Planning ahead is the key. Are you ready to get started?