Ready to find focus and intention in your everyday life?
And want some free accountability and support along the way?

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Me, too. So I created Stronger Month by Month.



We all have changes we'd like to make in our lives.

In fact, most of us have long lists of changes to make, habits to form, ideas to implement, and so on.

But the problem is that too often, we try to make too many of these changes at one time.

And once our focus is compromised, we don't do very well at making any of those changes. Not a good feeling.

There's another way.

I believe that to create positive change in our lives, we don't need to do more. We need to do different.

Specifically, we need to focus on one change at a time.

Stronger Month by Month offers free weekly accountability and support around making a single intentional change per month.




Ready to commit to one change at a time for more meaningful progress....with free accountability and support along the way?

Here's how it works: Choose a monthly intention to focus on and then check in each week on my Instagram post! I'll be there to cheer you on or help you out, depending on what you need each week.


If you’d like to participate in Stronger Month by Month: Sign up below to get a free guide and get started! You can do as much or as little public sharing as you’d like.

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(Note: The guide lives in a free library of worksheets, to which you'll gain immediate access when you sign up. You'll also get an email with a direct link to the guide after you sign up!)