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Intentional Writing Workshop at Fearless Fest

I'm looking forward to leading a workshop at Fearless Fest, a student-centered celebration of the spirit of yoga created by Emilie and Annie The Fearless Om! Here's a description of what we'll cover.

Using Intentional Writing to Take Action

Bring the experience of Fearless Fest into your everyday life. Reflect on what you have learned or felt so far and then decide on an action step to carry your experience beyond the yoga mat and into your daily life.

In this class, I’ll:
- explain what intentional writing is and why it's powerful,
- lead you through an intentional writing practice,
- help you sort through what you learn and decide what to do with that information,
- and then talk about how to bring this sort of practice into everyday life.

You can learn more about Fearless Fest and buy a ticket right here!

This is an in-person event in Birmingham, Alabama. If you'd be interested in attending an online version, please let me know (anonymously if you'd like) right here!