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Intentional Writing Workshop at the HereNow Yoga Mindfulness Retreat

I'm thrilled to be leading an intentional writing workshop at the HereNow Yoga Retreat, led by Becca Impello and Kim Drye. Here's what we'll cover:

Adding Intentional Writing to your Yoga and Mindfulness Practice

I've found that I sometimes have trouble clearing my mind before a yoga or meditation practice. (I know I'm not alone.) And practicing often brings up emotions and impressions that tend to get lost as I leave my practice space.

Intentional writing can be a beautiful addition to your practice, as a way to clear your mind before and then capture feelings and impressions after.

Together, we'll do some intentional writing, talk about what to do with what we've written, and discuss ways to bring this tool into your everyday practice.

You can learn more about the HereNow Yoga Mindfulness Retreat and buy a ticket right here!

This is an in-person event near Birmingham, Alabama. If you'd be interested in attending an online version, please let me know (anonymously if you'd like) right here!