I'm so glad you joined us at the
Elemental Living Community Retreat!

I had an incredible time meeting and talking with each one of you. I'm so glad we shared that experience.

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If you're here, it's because you're interested in diving deeper into an intentional writing practice. I can help!

Below, you'll find a link to download the free guide I mentioned, Explore Day to Day, as well as a link to learn more about Explore: 31 Days of Intentional Writing (don't forget to use the discount code on your handout; if you lost track of it, just send me an email!).

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want additional help! I'd be happy to talk about how we could work together one-on-one to kick off (or deepen) your practice.



Intentional writing can be a powerful part of your life.
Here are three ways to dive deeper.


You can try intentional writing for free in your everyday life...

I've created a free guide called Explore Day to Day to help you dip your toe in the waters of intentional writing!

Inside, you'll find:

  • A simple (truly simple) writing process
  • Seven prompts you can use based on situations we all face often (like feeling comparison, trying to come up with content ideas, and struggling to focus)
  • A simple process to follow when you're done writing to make sure you make the most of your writing time
  • Three worksheets I use regularly to capture notes, ideas, and action steps

Ready to start the intentional writing process?

P.S. I've written about the three biggest things I think you can get from Explore: space, ease, and wisdom.

You can read more right here:

...or you can check out the full 31-day experience...

Sometimes you need help forming a habit, or you want to do an experiment to see if this is a practice you'd like to commit to long-term. Explore is perfect for both of those! You can learn more below.

(Again, don't forget to use the discount code on your handout; if you lost track of it, just send me an email!)


...or we could talk about working together one-on-one!

I'd love to talk about how I can help! Reach out right here and we'll talk about what you need and how we could work together to get you where you want to be.


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