Let's create strong practices that anchor the life and work you truly want.

We don't always make time for the things we know will make a difference (things like writing, preparing for being stuck, and more). We often wait until we need them most, which is the worst time.

Putting strong practices into place before you need them can make you stronger now, and help you be prepared for when you need them most.


Explore: 31 Days of Intentional Writing

Intentional writing is writing you do just for you, behind the scenes. It helps you make space (in your mind), create ease (around writing and reflection), and access your inner wisdom (we all have it!).

But...it can be hard to commit to this kind of writing. So I created a 31-day guided experience, Explore, to make it easier.

Each day for 31 days, you’ll get a prompt in your inbox designed to help you think about and process things from your past, your present, and your future.

But this is about more than the writing. It's about making the most of your time and your practice. So along with the prompts, you'll get a welcome guide to help you create a powerful intention for your 31 days, encouragement and reminders to check in on your intention along the way, and a wrap-up guide to help you use the writing and the momentum you created!

Stay Unstuck: A Guide to Awareness and Action

Stay Unstuck is designed to help you plan ahead for the inevitability of being stuck, so you can stop spinning your wheels and start bringing your ideas to life.

First, you’ll build a list of tactics that you can turn to any time things get messy. When you get stuck, it can feel like your brain has turned off. Having a list of ideas you trust easily available will help you move more quickly into action mode.

Then you’ll heighten your awareness around being stuck, so you can turn to your list more often. Because It's one thing to make a list of tactics, but another thing entirely to use it.

So we’ll also walk through a powerful four-step process to help you more quickly and effectively identify when you’re stuck, so you can address the problem and get moving again!