Resources for Creatives

As entrepreneurs doing our own thing, we sometimes (always!) have a lot of questions. I'm a huge collector of answers, even if they're to questions I don't quite have to ask yet but know I may one day. One of my strengths (if you haven’t read this book and taken the assessment, I highly recommend it) is Input, meaning information is super valuable to me and that I collect and archive it by nature.

But instead of hoarding it all, I want to share it! So I've created a series of Pinterest boards in hopes that the resources I've collected can help more than just me. Some are super business-related (like Marketing + Tracking), some are super lifestyle-related (like Natural Beauty), and some overlap (like Growth). I pin almost every day, so these are ever-changing resources!

Because I love organization, I’ve been creating searchable keywords within most of the boards (a full list is at the top of each board). Search the page as you normally would within your browser (for Mac users, Command + F will do it) and then enter the keyword with the brackets around it. So if you're on the Creatives board and want to search for a designer, search for [DESIGNER]. You can then use your browser’s search functions (Next and so on) to hop through all the pins that have that keyword in the description.

If you think of any topics you'd like to see covered, let me know! I can't make any promises, but would love to know what you're interested in.

Happy reading, guys!


Photo by Emma of W&E Photographie