I believe strong practices can act as anchors
for the life and work we truly want.



We don't always make time for the things we know will make a difference (things like writing, preparing for being stuck, and more).

We often wait until we need them most, which is usually the worst time.

Putting strong practices into place before you need them can make you stronger now, and help you be prepared for when you need them most.

And I’m making a change in how I offer resources to help you develop these sorts of strong practices.

There’s a tension in running a small business between making a living and helping those who may not have the financial resources for in-depth, one-on-one work (a place I’ve been many times and that I understand well).

In the past, I priced the resources I’d created for you can use on your own based on what others were doing. That made sense to me at the time.

But as I see my business friends focusing on making their knowledge, wisdom, and practices more accessible, and as I run across zines and printed resources as well as different kinds of workshops I really admire, I’m rethinking how I can offer these resources in a way that best lines up with my values.

So for now, I’ve pulled the things I’ve created off the digital shelves to make some changes. They’ll be back at some point, and they’ll be offered in a way that (I hope) feels more accessible and helpful to you.

If you’re interested in hearing when they’re back, you can sign up for emails from me right here!



Here are some examples of resources I created in the past.

Note that these are not currently available! But if one of these speaks to you, please reach out. I’m happy to share how you can access them. This isn’t about withholding things you need. It’s about being conscious about how I offer them on an ongoing basis.