It's not your fault (plus Stay Unstuck is here!!)

Ok. So that we’re on the same page here, let’s recap.

We don’t have to just be idea people—we can be the kind of people who follow through on our creative projects.

But we have to do some work ahead of time, to prepare for the inevitability that we’ll get stuck.


Because as humans, we’re terrible at remembering things when we most need to.

I’ll never forget the light-bulb moment I had—and the relief I felt—when David Allen (in his book Getting Things Done) said our brains aren't wired to remember milk when we're at the grocery store. All those times I walked right by the milk section, only to groan when I opened the fridge to see an almost-empty carton? Not my fault.

So it’s not your fault when you get stuck and you can’t see your way out of it.

Well, it hasn’t been your fault until now—because now you know better. (Sorry…but only a little.)

Because his point was this: If you don’t want to spend a lifetime wishing you’d remembered the milk (or stamps or toothpaste or whatever), you need to prepare ahead of time. You need to make a grocery list and you need to remember to check it.

And I believe the same is true for getting stuck.

You need to make a list of ways to get unstuck and then you need to remember to use it.

That way, when you hit a roadblock or things start to feel messy, you don't have to rely on your brain to call up all the different pieces of advice you've heard or read about or thought up in the distant past. You take one action—look at a list you made when you were in a (possibly much) better state of mind—and you get the tools you need to get back on track..

Stay Unstuck: A Guide to Awareness and Action will help you make that list and remember to use it.

And—drumroll, please—Stay Unstuck is now available!
If you already know you’re in, scoot on over here and sign up!

Otherwise, read on for more details.

Stay Unstuck is designed to tackle everything we've been talking about this week.

It'll help you prepare ahead of time for the inevitability of getting stuck, help you learn to read and better react to the signs and opportunities that come along with being stuck, and help you make a list of ways to get unstuck—and remember to use it.

It'll also help you make decisions with less stress, make conscious decisions about when to ditch a project (vs. pushing through being stuck), and more!

When you purchase Stay Unstuck, you'll get a 68-page self-paced guide that includes the following:

  • A detailed list of 25 tactics you can use right now to get unstuck on any creative projects or decisions

  • Another list of 7 tactics that can help you when you feel a general malaise and you’re not sure what’s going on

  • Step-by-step instructions for choosing which tactics to try, adding in others that work for you, and setting up your own personalized lists

  • A powerful four-part process to help you raise awareness around when you're stuck

  • Instructions for keeping up with your lists (so you don't slide back into old, comfortable-but-unhelpful patterns)

  • Guiding worksheets (8 of them to be exact) that will help you carry out the ideas in the guide

  • The confidence you need to get back to work!

Stay Unstuck is available right now for $59!

But the price will go up soon, so if you want in, now's the time!

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